Automation for Publishers – The Benefits, Challenges, and Solutions

Automation is becoming increasingly common in many different industries. It has been hailed as a major asset to businesses by increasing productivity, efficiency, and accuracy. But automation also brings with it challenges that can be difficult to navigate if you are not prepared. Here we will look at the benefits of automation at work, the potential challenges it presents, and how you can use automation to your advantage as a publisher.

How digital asset management can increase publishers workflows

Digital Asset Management solutions help teams find, store, organise and retrieve all digital assets – from pictures and videos to audio files and documents. You name it – If it’s a digital file, then this type of system can find it. This has proven vital recently as news teams across the country have had to work at lightning speed to fill pages with information about Queen Elizabeth’s life.

PCS promote Gemma Warner to client services supervisor

PCS has stepped up its drive to increase customer engagement by promoting Gemma Warner to client services supervisor. Gemma has been working with the software development company since 2018, and has spent the last four years as a product specialist. The new job role will see Gemma able to focus her attention more on supporting … Read more

Growth and Success: PCS Round up 2021

Growth and Success in 2021 round up

Here at PCS, we are taking a look back over the last year and celebrating the positive changes, success and growth that the company has achieved throughout 2021. In the last year PCS’ range of flexible solutions have enabled our publishing partners to keep getting the news out to their local communities – at a time when it was needed most.