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More Promotions Celebrated at PCS

Two high-profile promotions have been made at PCS Publishing with colleagues that have clocked up a total of 35 years’ service.

Richard Mansell and Alan Ramsay are long-serving members of the team at PCS, with in-depth knowledge of its publishing solutions, products and services. The company has now announced the promotions of Richard as he takes the role of Head of Commercial Solutions while Alan is the new Head of Operations.

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Richard said it’s an exciting time for PCS. “I’m thrilled to take on this new role, which will involve looking after the sales and marketing strategy, driving new products and ensuring we have successful launches,” he said. “Launching new products is an exciting process to be involved with and my focus is on the user experience. I will be looking at how we can ensure customers get the best out of any new software, without there being a big training process.” 

Richard joined PCS in 2011 as a trainee Knowledge Publish product specialist and said the company’s ethos of supporting employees with their career progression is valued by staff. “Like many of my colleagues I’ve worked my way up through the company,” he said. “This is such a huge bonus as it means we all have an in-depth knowledge of the customers and each solution. Being involved in developing each solution and building up a relationship with each publisher is invaluable to the success of the company.” 

Alan Ramsay’s new role builds on the strengths he has acquired from working across PCS’ portfolio of solutions over the last 24 years. He said: “I started with PCS in 1998 supporting page planning and working on our advert production tools. Over the years I have been involved in installing solutions and I helped take the hardware engineering team on a revolutionary journey. This saw them go from a repair team to seeing them host and manage the majority of PCS’s customer solutions, either from our dedicated hosting environments or managing the solutions on customers’ premises.”

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Alan said his new role will see him increasing multi-discipline across the business to ensure each employee has an all-encompassing view of the business.

“Working for the last two and half decades at PCS means I’ve seen some incredible changes, and the company is always on course to stay ahead of the curve,” he said. “In my new role I will be supporting the publishers we work with and continuing to boost integration between our departments to ensure we continue to give our customers the best experience possible.

“Working at PCS certainly adds variety to your work as no two days are the same. There are also plenty of opportunities available to take your career in a different direction, learn new things and work your way up to management positions. Our teams work well together and I’m keen to increase multi-disciplines so we can continue to enhance the insight staff have into our solutions and the publishing partners we work with.”

These promotions will bring a fresh perspective to the company, helping the continuous growth of the products and services PCS provides. 

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