Change of direction during lockdown for Dan Mills.

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The last year has made a lot of people reassess what they are doing, and where they are going with their careers.

One of these people is Dan Mills, who used his time in lockdown to build up his skills as a software developer. Dan has now started on a new career path with PCS as a junior developer and said he is enjoying his new role.

“I joined PCS in 2019 as a product specialist,” he said. “I enjoyed working at PCS and was based in customer support, but I became more interested in the software development side of the business. 

During lockdown I was on furlough and it was then I decided I wanted a change of direction.  I studied with a course provider called Udemy and taught myself programming. I really got into it and enjoyed it so much I created an app, which I showed to the head developer at PCS and he thought it was really good.

“The app was designed for my girlfriend Beth, as she wanted a way she could create and save new cooking recipes. It was a great way to use the time I had on furlough and has sent my career off in a different direction.”

Dan said: “A few months ago I started doing some software developing with PCS and have now fully joined the team as a junior developer. I’m currently helping to write software for the new products we are bringing out, this includes a new Pulse system as well as a Publish system, which is really exciting.

“It’s great to have the flexibility at PCS to be able to change my role. Before I joined PCS I was at university studying accounting, but it wasn’t for me and I wanted to do something different. My dad works with MNA Media’s biggest title, the Express & Star, as the production team manager and I’d done some work experience there. PCS and MNA Media are both part of the Claverley Group and so it was an easy decision to make to go and work for the company. It’s the best decision I’ve made and I’m looking forward to building up my experience in programming with PCS.”

If you would like to learn more about PCS’ portfolio of solutions and how they help our customers to automate their publishing workflow then feel free to contact us on: 01902 374757 
or by email on: hello@pcs-publishing.com.

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