The editorial and advert planning solution


Planning – Knowledge Plan

Knowledge Plan enables you to create a range of template flat plans for your publication, and then produces a live flat plan of the selected publication. You can mask off pages and plan your adverts (ROP and Classified) as well as manage page status, colour and position. 

Plan allows you to view high quality PDFs of pages before output and generates Ad revenue reports for individual products. There is full integration with advertising sales and editorial platforms.

  • Manage, organise and plan in real time
  • Integration with advertising sales
  • Dynamic planning for advertising and editorial
  • High quality PDF pages

Collaboration is key for Knowledge Plan, which allows for dynamic planning across both advertising and editorial.

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Planning solutions

Always be prepared

Flat plans

A simple, straight-forward flat planning and pagination tool designed for publishers.

Simple format

Get rid of bulky outdated files and choose a solution that can re-number and re-order pages.

Everything included

Everything is in front of you in a simple format, from the latest articles to freshly placed ads.


Organise in real time

Knowledge Plan allows you to manage, organise and arrange your publication in real time. Your team will be able to stay updated on all the latest changes – they will be available instantly to all the employees, saving the company time and money.

Knowledge Plan is enhanced further by seamlessly interfacing to the rest of the Knowledge portfolio, or to other third party advertising solutions.

Solutions for every team

Saving you time and money across each of your departments


Our solutions work seamlessly together to give you the tools needed to increase efficiency. They include Knowledge Publish, Knowledge Access, Knowledge Plan and Digital.


Cut out the copy and paste along with time-consuming inputting and let your team to focus on what matters. Our solutions include Finance, Advert Booking, CRM and Production (Pulse).


Strengthen customer relations while driving efficiency, accuracy and quality data management. One tool does the job for circulation and it is NCS.


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A solution to your publishing problem could be just a few clicks away