PCS Managing Director - Matt Whiles

New Managing Director for PCS Publishing During a Digital Overhaul

PCS has announced the appointment of a new managing director at a pivotal time of digital development for PCS’ suite of publishing solutions.

Matt Whiles has started the new year as PCS’ managing director following more than four years as the company’s operations director. He took up the role following the retirement of Graeme Clifford and says he will continue building on the company’s excellent reputation among some of the biggest publishers across the country.

PCS’ publishing partners include the Midland News Association, Newsquest, DC Thomson, Highland News & Media, and the National Farmers Union. Each one has access to PCS’ suite of software solutions, which support departments ranging from editorial and advertising to finance and circulation.

Pulse Case Study Image

One of PCS’ most recent changes to its software was the launch of the reimagined version of Pulse, their advert creation and production software, which is used by publishers across the UK. Pulse is now modern and future-proof, including enhanced features to ensure a better user experience.

Matt said he is thrilled to take over as managing director at such an exciting time for PCS. “Over the last few years, we have seen continued growth for the company as we develop new products and update existing ones,” said Matt. “It is exciting to be part of a company that never stands still and has built up an enviable reputation due to its fantastic products and customer service.

“We regularly get positive feedback from our customers who have seen what a difference our software solutions have made to each department. I feel privileged to be managing director of a company that sees continued success thanks to its talented and dedicated team of people.”

The team at PCS has been working on Pulse, which has been in meta-analysis for the last year. The advert creation and production software went through a total rebuild in 2021 after it was deemed out-of-date and lacking efficient digital workflow. Also, as part of our current initiative, PCS wanted to ensure all apps were responsive enough to be accessed on phones and tablets to support hybrid working.

Someone who has been testing the new version of Pulse for PCS has been Steve Mills, ad creation manager at the Midland News Association. Steve said:

“The new version of Pulse is dynamic and user friendly. Jobs are allocated automatically, and we find that this makes the system much more efficient – it’s clean and ensures the designer has all the assets and instructions ready to create the job.

“Also, the system is graphically more user-friendly and very visual – assets can be uploaded quickly, and clients can view proofs of adverts from their phone. Clients or advertising staff can approve an advert, and this automatically passes the artwork to the Planning system. For efficiency and user-friendliness, the new version of Pulse is brilliant and has changed the way we work at the MNA.”

Steve Mills of MNA Media

To find out more about the new version of Pulse click the resources link here
If you would like more information on our software solutions, contact us on our website, by phone: 01902 374757 or by email: hello@pcs-publishing.com

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