About Us & You

Why make it all about us, when we are all about you?


By working together we make a difference

Our collaborative partnership with publishers across the UK is something that has come to define our whole ethos. 

At PCS we ensure our systems are perfect for each individual business – working side-by-side with each team we troubleshoot and then implement software that revolutionises the way they work.

It’s joined-up thinking for a new way of working.


Our passion is to help you transform and grow

Taking a step back often allows people to see things more clearly. 

We work with publishers across editorial, advertising and circulation and by analysing their current way of working we can plan a route ahead.

Our publishing partners want efficient systems, that allow their teams to get on with the job. Cutting out the copy and paste jobs, and ditching the data input, allows employees to focus on what really matters.

The days of dilapidated systems being held up by bolt-ons is disappearing fast as companies realise it is costing them both time and money.

By implementing a more streamlined approach to publishing, our partners are able to see the cost-saving benefits. Expensive licences disappear along with clunky old technology.

Give your employees the freedom to produce their best work, while our software sorts out the rest.


Clarity and consistency every step of the way

We don’t like jargon. Our team may be experts in their field, but they don’t need to prove it.

So don’t worry about being bamboozled by technical acronyms or industry terms. We focus on transparency and clarity every step of the way.

Every question you ask us is important and we ensure that you are kept informed throughout the whole process. But we don’t leave it there – we are always on hand to ensure your new software is kept up to date and is always in tune with your business.


Partnerships That Stand The Test Of Time

Publishing teams across the country have discovered that our software solutions can save precious time and money, as well as freeing staff up to do what they do best. But don’t take our word for it…

Mna media logo

Midland News Association

“Knowledge Publish helps keep the whole newsroom linked up, everyone can see where the gaps are, and it keeps everyone on track towards the all-important deadline” 



“…for the first time, the editorial team managed to finish the magazine 4 days ahead of schedule, considering that’s 22 workdays that’s a significant increase in productivity”

Newbury News and Media

“Can I just express my gratitude for the fantastic help and support you (and everyone in the team) has given during this very quick installation.”


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