How digital asset management can increase publishers workflows

Using a DAM to increase workflow... doesn’t sound right, does it?

Traditionally a dam is there to act as a barrier, restricting water flow – yet DAM actually does the opposite. So what is a DAM and why should I give a damn? Well, DAM (Digital Asset Management) solutions help teams find, store, organise and retrieve all digital assets – from pictures and videos to audio files and documents. You name it – If it’s a digital file, then this type of system can find it.

This has proven vital recently as news teams across the country have had to work at lightning speed to fill pages with information about Queen Elizabeth’s life.

As soon as the news of her death broke, photos were pulled from the archives, alongside stories and videos, ensuring newspapers and magazines could be jam-packed with details of her incredible life. Here at PCS, we have seen first-hand how well organised our publishing partners have been, finding pictures of the Queen at various stages throughout her reign to fill pages for special tribute supplements. They’ve retrieved details of visits her majesty made locally and found quotes from people that had spoken to the Queen were retrieved.

Without a DAM solution, these important digital assets could have been missed, affecting the quality of each publication. Our Digital Asset Management system, called Knowledge Access, is a flexible solution that offers publishing teams a quick and easy way to find the digital assets they need. Its intelligent text analysis engine not only searches for words that are an exact match, but it also considers concepts and relations. Meaning the correct results are retrieved – ensuring that news teams stay organised and on schedule

So, why should you use our DAM solution?

People piecing together a digital story package

1.) We make life easy for you by securely keeping all your digital and creative assets in one central source of truth. It allows all information to be easily accessible to anyone in the company.

Knowledge Access helps content creators to compile everything together in one story package rather than relying on other members of the news team – all the stories, pictures, and research they need are available instantly.

DAM Rights permission image

2.) You are in control of who has rights management. Stories, photos, and information can be stored and edited by those with specific permissions.

Employees can access and update files from anywhere thanks to our flexible solution, which enables remote working. Teams can collaborate with the right people, no matter where they are based.

DAM Collaboration

3.) You can enrich work with retrievable assets while enhancing collaboration across departments such as editorial and advertising. We know that when files get split across multiple devices and platforms, it is very easy for assets often get lost.

By centrally storing this important information, it provides the users the ability to collaborate securely and remotely.


4.) Without you having to press a button, any content created, uploaded, or stored within Knowledge Publish will be transferred to Knowledge Access. We put you in the driving seat.

After a piece of content is created, we let you decide how long it will be before the automatic transfer takes place. Anything produced is moved into a secure storage system when you are ready

Digital Asset Management anywhere

5.) Access is easy to use, quick to setup and increases workflow. Here at PCS we help you do things like automate workflows and set expiration dates for asset licensing.

Our DAM solution means you can set varying levels of user access for various files and folders. Ensuring assets can be published anywhere at any time.

A DAM system can transform the way publishers work, allowing them to retrieve valuable digital assets at the touch of a button. It not only allows teams to work quicker, and more efficiently, but it ensures consistency across each department. One central source of truth allows each person in an organisation can access files and work collaboratively to ensure first-rate results.

We know that publishers are producing more assets than ever before – creative files, photos, documents, and videos are produced every day by skilled teams of designers, journalists, and advertisers. Digital Asset Management software will act as a central hub for organising and tracking that digital content.

Our Digital Asset Management Solution - Access is helping news teams across the UK be more efficient...


allowing them more time to be creative and provide their audience with high-quality content that will keep them engaged.

For more information, you can speak to our friendly in-house experts today via our contact form, email or telephone. 

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