Growth and Success in 2021 round up

Growth and Success: PCS Round up 2021

Here at PCS, we are taking a look back over the last year and celebrating the positive changes, success and growth that the company has achieved throughout 2021.

Success Growth and achievement

In the last year PCS’ range of flexible solutions have enabled our publishing partners to keep getting the news out to their local communities – at a time when it was needed most.

During the pandemic local news has been in big demand, and those publishers that partnered with PCS were able to carry on producing content while working remotely. It’s one of the reasons why one of our newest customers, Cumberland and Westmorland Herald, added to their PCS portfolio and went live with PCS’ new and improved advertising solution Pulse on its launch day in March 2021.

The team also helped Iliffe Media and the KM Media Group go live with PCS’ advert booking solution, Assist, which is our incredible self-service tool for customers. During the summer, DC Thomson had the PCS Prospect sales ledger installed by Senior Product Specialist, Dean Edwards and WokinghamToday went live with our editorial solution Knowledge Publish, helping them to streamline their workflow. The feedback from their editor was brilliant!

“I’m an old dog, who remembers paste-up and hot metal. To be taught new tricks by the team at PCS has been a pleasure. It has integrated seamlessly into our newsroom, freeing up time, enabling us to launch a new publication for the Reading area. I've really enjoyed working with the PCS team on the switch, which went very smoothly. For a small team, that made a big difference.”

Success Wokingham today, new title, newspaper print

Another of PCS’ solutions that has attracted a lot of attention is our flexible advertising solution Knowledge Prospect. The Guernsey Press went live with the solution in September while the National Farmers Union started using it in October. Matt Whiles, operations director at PCS, said that while publishers have battled against a number of challenges over the last year it hasn’t stopped them from improving their way of working.

“PCS has always been determined to create future-ready software that is not only flexible but allows teams to work seamlessly between their print and digital content,” said Matt. “It’s not surprising that the pandemic has opened the eyes of companies across the country to the need for improved technology. Businesses need software that isn’t just fit for today’s needs but is ready for what tomorrow will bring.

“Over the last year we haven’t just seen publishers partnering with us to access our range of publishing tools, we have also worked hard to improve the solutions to ensure they are quick, efficient, and easy to use. Changes have included adding new colour themes to Knowledge Prospect, as well as adding further automation to Knowledge Publish, including automatic content placement and automatic text fitting. We have ensured that all PCS employees have stayed connected with our publishing partners, and with each other. At PCS we are proud to work with some of the leading publishers in the UK, and we have continued to innovate throughout 2021 to ensure they always stay ahead of the game.”

Growth and success Dave Chapman - Senior infrastructure technician
Growth and success Staff Members of a charity day for Alzheimers

2021 saw our Senior IT Infrastructure Specialist, Dave Chapman starred in a Dell Technologies case study. He made a lasting impression on Cynthia Cooper from Dell as she said working with Dave and PCS had been one of the nicest experiences.  Meanwhile our Elf Day for the Alzheimers Society saw our staff, customers, family, and friends raise £315, which was 126% of our original goal.

None of this would be possible without our dedicated team that have battled through remote working and still produced incredible results! PCS wish you all a Happy New Year, may it be another positive business year for ourselves and our partners. 

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