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Working across editorial, advertising and circulation

Our portfolio of versatile solutions was created to be future-proof, which is why each one enables flexible, remote working. Across each of your teams you will see manual processes being replaced with time-saving automation, leaving your skilled employees to focus on the work that is vital to helping your business grow.  Our solutions cover editorial, advertising and circulation, which help to create synergy throughout the business. Also each solution can be tailor-made to fit an individual business, no matter how big or small.


Giving you control over the editorial process

Knowledge Publish

With its content first workflow, Knowledge Publish is a powerful solution that will enhance your editorial team’s productivity.

Knowledge Access

An intuitive digital asset and content management solution with lightning-fast search tailored to meet the needs of publishing teams.

Knowledge Plan

Create a range of template flat plans for your publication, and then see a live flat plan at the click of a button.


So flexible it will seamlessly fit in with the needs of your business


Make it easy for your customers to pay you on time, every time, with your sales and finance teams operating from a single intuitive system.

Advert Booking

An intelligent and intuitive system that takes the hard work out of advert booking – for your employees, and your customers.


Thanks to its dynamic and configurable reporting, customers can be shown the impact of their campaign and relationships can be improved.


Look no further for a comprehensive circulation, distribution and subscription solution.


A comprehensive distribution mechanism for doorstep delivery of free publications and leaflet drops.


Build and strengthen relationships thanks to this comprehensive tool that ensures subscription management runs like clockwork.

Data management

NCS works hard for you by driving efficiency, while ensuring accuracy and quality data management.


Our unrivalled expertise

At PCS we have almost 50 years of experience in publishing, across all departments, and we know what works, and what doesn’t. We have worked with publishers both big and small and our experience means we understand the market, and can advise on the best solutions, even if that means referring you elsewhere.

We can provide an initial telephone consultation for free to discuss challenges and identify if there is a service or product available, which may be able to address the issues. Our award-winning team will offer a workflow consultation as part of every implementation, to help customers get the most from each solution’s automation and functionality.

Here at PCS we are advocates for collaboration, not only do we collaborate with customers we also encourage customers to collaborate in a bid to share services and resources. Why not get in touch with us today to find out more.


Partnerships That Stand The Test Of Time

Publishing teams across the country have discovered that our software solutions can save precious time and money, as well as freeing staff up to do what they do best. But don’t take our word for it…

Mna media logo

Midland News Association

“Knowledge Publish helps keep the whole newsroom linked up, everyone can see where the gaps are, and it keeps everyone on track towards the all-important deadline” 



“…for the first time, the editorial team managed to finish the magazine 4 days ahead of schedule, considering that’s 22 workdays that’s a significant increase in productivity”

Newbury News and Media

“Can I just express my gratitude for the fantastic help and support you (and everyone in the team) has given during this very quick installation.”


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