Intuitive while saving time and money.


DAM - Knowledge Access

Welcome to Knowledge Access – an intuitive digital asset and content management solution created by our team of software experts. It’s a robust, flexible solution with lightning-fast search tailored to meet the needs of publishing teams.

At its heart beats an intelligent text analysis engine, which ensures the correct results are always retrieved. This is because it not only searches for words that are an exact match, it also considers concepts and relations.

  • Quick and efficient results
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Simplified processes
  • Saves time and money

Knowledge Access acts as a central site for all your digital and creative assets to give you quick results when you need it most.

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A solution to your publishing problem could be just a few clicks away

Efficient and fast

Saves you time and money

Secure and accessible

Secure your digital and creative assets in one place to make them easily accessible by anyone in the company

Create and edit

Stories, information and photos can be stored and edited at any time by those with rights management

Share and distribute

Enrich work with retrievable assets and enhance collaboration across editorial and advertising


Designed with you in mind

Knowledge Access allows content creators to package everything together themselves, rather than relying on someone else – all the stories, pictures and research they need are available instantly. Without you having to press a button any content created, uploaded or stored within Knowledge Publish will be transferred to Knowledge Access. We put you in the driving seat, so you can decide how long, after being created, this automatic transfer takes place.

Solutions for every team

Saving you time and money across each of your departments


Our solutions work seamlessly together to give you the tools needed to increase efficiency. They include Knowledge Publish, Knowledge Access, Knowledge Plan and Digital.


Cut out the copy and paste along with time-consuming inputting and let your team to focus on what matters. Our solutions include Finance, Advert Booking, CRM and Production (Pulse).


Strengthen customer relations while driving efficiency, accuracy and quality data management. One tool does the job for circulation and it is NCS.


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A solution to your publishing problem could be just a few clicks away