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EDITORIAL CMS: Knowledge Publish

With its content first workflow, Knowledge Publish is a powerful solution that will enhance your editorial team’s productivity. It will allow you to increase your engagement with audiences by seamlessly publishing individual articles to print as well as a variety of websites and social media platforms.

Cutting out the copy and paste leaves editorial to focus on creativity and the content that matters most. Reporters will be able to embed rich content into the story including videos, maps and social media posts. This flexible solution also allows users to publish online wherever the story is happening.

  • Content centric software
  • Multi-channel publishing
  • Digital editing
  • Article level publishing

Content is King for Knowledge Publish, which focusses on storing content instead of pages, making life easier for every member of your team.

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A solution to your publishing problem could be just a few clicks away

Efficient solutions

Covering all bases

From field to home

Work that is created in the field seamlessly gets to any of your web or print pages.

Print and digital

Work across a range of platforms, websites and print at the same time

Control and visibility

Collaboration is increased while you view progress across the full publication and titles.


Templated workflow

Gain the ability to create your publications from a series of your own house style templates, significantly reducing the time spent producing pages. It enables freelancers working remotely to adhere to corporate styles and guidelines to prevent mistakes.

The structure and bespoke privilege settings ensure workflow guidelines are followed in-terms of layout, design and utilisation of third party design tools. This control ensures the publication retains its image, and costs are managed.

Solutions for every team

Saving you time and money across each of your departments


Our solutions work seamlessly together to give you the tools needed to increase efficiency. They include Knowledge Publish, Knowledge Access, Knowledge Plan and Digital.


Cut out the copy and paste along with time-consuming inputting and let your team to focus on what matters. Our solutions include Finance, Advert Booking, CRM and Production (Pulse).


Strengthen customer relations while driving efficiency, accuracy and quality data management. One tool does the job for circulation and it is NCS.


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A solution to your publishing problem could be just a few clicks away