Reach your customers whatever the weather…

Working from home when snowing

It’s Winter and there are always threats of inclement bad weather that can at times bring the UK to a grinding halt. Whilst the thought of a cosy day at home not being able to get to work is often appealing, it doesn’t help when copy deadlines are looming, pages need to be finished and … Read more

45 is the magic number

Magic tricks

Just in case you have missed the news, PCS turn 45 in November. As well as looking how far the industry has come since 1973, we’ve also been examining the number 45. Here are some fun facts for you that might just win you a quiz point one day – In geometry, the name of … Read more

5 top tips for doing more with less.

Computer with Do more message

In the year that the floppy disk was introduced, storing and being able to easily move assets became a reality. Clearly things have moved on significantly since then and the most valuable item publishers have is their content. Storing this content efficiently within the right asset management system enables publishers to make the most out … Read more

Summer blues?

Remote working Let’s face it; we’ve enjoyed a great Summer, and it’s never easy getting back into the swing of work. However, with the precise tools in place, it is straightforward for team members to catch up on what has been going on from an editorial and advertising perspective. Directly accessible data on article history, client … Read more

An organised team is a creative team.

Teamwork vector

Post it notes – you’ve got to love them and all they can offer. They can remind you of things, highlight important information, act as movable parts of diagrams, mark specific items and no end of useful functions. The new breed of project management solutions now offer electronic post it notes, which take the humble … Read more

PCS fits your business genes

Knowledge portfolio DNA

Publishing workflows are at the heart of what we do at PCS. Much like genetic engineers, we collaborate, adapt and combine all the best publishing technologies together to deliver solutions that fit your business genes now and in the future. When Dolly the sheep became the first mammal to be cloned using nuclear transfer, many … Read more

Be Safe, Be Sure.

As a nation we tend to only notice things when they go wrong, especially when it comes to IT. How many people have realised when their Internet is down just how much they rely on email, social media, search engines, browsers etc to get through a ten minutes time period?! Think car manufacturers . . … Read more

The King is not dead, long live the king!

Content, that is what it’s all about really. Without content you have nothing to publish and without anything to publish you have no publishers, fake news or not. The identification and generation of content is the role of the journalist and whilst that role is ever changing, the fundamentals are not. The floppy disk brought … Read more

Top tips for publishers – driving automation to increase productivity without the need for F1 budget

Fast cars, and fast publishing. If you’re a publisher with several monthly or weekly publications, looking to increase productivity, check out our up-coming breakfast briefing with the PPA (Click the link for more information.) The 2019 FIA Formula One season begins this month and it got us thinking. No, not thinking about the racing, the … Read more

PCS Visit The Belfast Telegraph

customer office Belfast Telegraph

Marvin Palmer outside the Belfast Telegraph offices, ready to get started.The PCS Product Specialist for Circulation, Marvin Palmer, recently returned from a trip to Ireland to train the Belfast Telegraph team on circulation management solution NCS. His trip timed perfectly with the impending Hurricane Brian, so imagine his relief when finding an umbrella roof during … Read more