Be Safe, Be Sure.

As a nation we tend to only notice things when they go wrong, especially when it comes to IT. How many people have realised when their Internet is down just how much they rely on email, social media, search engines, browsers etc to get through a ten minutes time period?!

Think car manufacturers . . . we take for granted the innovations that they put in place for our safety. We get into a car without questioning whether the air bag will work, as that is what we expect to happen.

This should be the same with your technology provider. Everyone should expect to carry out their daily jobs without worrying about security, data integrity and system outages. You should only hear about an issue because it has been identified and resolved by your supplier before you even knew about it.

As publishers you don’t need to worry about the latest security concerns, viruses, software updates etc – that is not your job. However, in order to do your job well you have to know that all this is being taken care of by experts and an award-winning infrastructure to ensure risks are mitigated and minimised.

Avoid your IT infrastructure needing to activate its airbag by talking to PCS.

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