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Why small changes can lead to big results for publishers

"The Measure Of Intelligence Is The Ability To Change"

In the past it felt like changes at work tended to happen over months, and even years.

There would be meetings to discuss meetings, decisions were deliberated at length and answers were arrived at after a long and laborious effort. Then Covid-19 arrived and thing changed dramatically. The idea that time should be taken over vital decisions within a company were brushed aside, with action being taken within days, and sometimes hours.

Huge changes were made quickly by publishers across the country, whether that was to amend their working from home policy, put some of their publications on hold or make decisions about furloughs and redundancies. It was during this time that our publishing partners said how thankful they were for our flexible ‘work anytime, anywhere’ software solutions. While other publishers were left with their heads in their hands over how they were going to have employees working from home, those with our future-ready software were prepared for every eventuality.

When news mattered most to the communities around us, our software allowed publishers to increase engagement by seamlessly publishing individual articles to print, as well as a variety of websites and social media platforms. As we emerge from the pandemic publishers have all learned a lot, and one of those things could be that changes need to be made to their way of working.

Here are ten reasons why publishers should change to a new way of working:

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1.) Get up to speed:

Say goodbye to bulky outdated software and bolt-ons and welcome in a new streamlined system that will enhance how teams across every department work. For example, in editorial, our software enables publishers to move away from their old way of filing, to a storage system where items are quickly and easily retrieved.

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2.) Work as a team:

Cut out the duplication in departments by giving everyone a view of a dynamically updating system. This has helped a number of teams, particularly in advertising where everyone can see the advert queue which is constantly being updated. This ensures everyone is working towards the same goals and nothing is allowed to slip through the net, and time isn’t wasted duplicating.

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3.) Cut Out Human error:

Our system works with each department to ensure they have the information they need, and that human error is kept to a minimum. This has been invaluable to finance departments that use our debtor management tool. The tool is built into the finance system and it allows an automatic or manual block for bad payers, as well as credit alerts to help keep the customer informed.

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4.) Impress your customers:

We all want to attract new customers, but looking after your current customers is just as important. You want them to feel like they are working with a slick team. This is particularly important in sales, where our  ‘work anytime, anywhere’ software allows your employees to book adverts while out in the field, helping to forge deeper and stronger relationships with customers.

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5.) create happy employees:

The time-consuming jobs are often the ones that could be replaced by automation. Why not give your employees a boost by allowing them time to focus on the work that really matters? We know this is particularly important in editorial where cutting out the copy and paste allows employees to focus on creativity and the content that matters most.

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6.) give customers greater control:

If customers feel like they are in control of their advertising, then they will often be happier with the outcome. Thanks to our Assist software solution customers have an amazing self-service tool that is available 24/7. It also allows invoices, statements and reminders to be emailed to customers. This means staff don’t have to physically print and post documents, which saves time and reduces costs.

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7.) give readers a bit extra:

Why settle for the tried and tested when you can give your readers a more informed view of a story? Our software allows reporters to embed rich content into their stories, including videos, maps and social media posts. Your website then becomes the go-to for anyone wanting information on an incident or event.

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8.) Allow for Better Feedback:

Customers want to know that their recent campaigns have had an impact – it will encourage them to spend with you again. Our software has dynamic and configurable reporting so that customers can see how effective their advertising has been. This feedback also allows account managers to justify the expenditure with demonstrable ROI feedback.

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9.) Get an insight into your readers:

We know that production and circulation teams work hard to increase engagement and retain current readers. With our direct delivery system your employees will be able to see delivery information down to household level, even showing one or more reader orders for multiple-occupancy households.

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10.) better view of your customers:

Outdated files and systems can mean you often don’t have a comprehensive view of each customer. With just one system we give users visibility of all documents relating to each customer – this could include briefs, presentations, billing and enquiries. It ensures that any user has a clear picture of that customer’s account. All this while giving you a real time view of performance.

Making changes is often difficult, but to make a system work well it often needs tweaks instead of a full overhaul. At PCS we not only provide software solutions, we can also look at the workflow in your office to ensure it is as effective as possible.

Why not get in touch with us today to find out how just a small change could make the world of difference to your business.

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