Staff Member, Ali Seawright

Alison celebrates promotion as she marks her second decade at PCS.

It is an exciting start to 2020 for Alison Seawright, who has been promoted to Product Manager at PCS Publishing as she celebrates her 20th year with the company. 

Alison (Known to her customers and colleagues as Ali) joined the Midlands-based PCS in 2000 where she has been able to focus on one of her biggest passions – creating software solutions for advertisers. 

“Advertising is my passion because I absolutely love the people that work in that field,” she said. “They are such enthusiastic individuals, who are totally devoted to their jobs. I’m a people person and so enjoy working with teams that have the drive and ambition you see every day in advertisers.” 

Alison joined the company as Contract Manager and during her time at PCS she has seen the system updated to one which ditches uniformed solutions, and instead uses cutting-edge technology to create unique software that is tailor-made to meet clients’ current and future needs. 

“One of my first jobs with the company was rolling out the previous advertising software to publishers, however a few years ago we realised that this wasn’t working any more for our clients,” said Alison. “We wanted something that didn’t have the restrictions imposed when they were bolting on new programmes to an outdated system.  This has now been replaced with Knowledge Prospect – which is an exciting and user-friendly solution for our customers. We are able to tailor the system to the advertisers and sales teams’ needs.” 

Alison said she gets a lot of satisfaction when she receives positive feedback from new users. Endorsement from those actually using the systems show that that her years of “listening and learning”, when working with both customers and prospects alike, has paid off with the creation of features within the system that really do meet the customers’ needs. 

Alison said her background has always been in pre-press software for advertising and so it has been wonderful working for PCS. “Being able to supply cutting-edge technology that fits the client and allows them to work at the top of their game has meant I’ve been in my dream job,” she said. “Also, the whole ethos of PCS is that we partner with our clients. They aren’t customers – instead they are partners and we are involved in their company’s journey.” 

Alison said that as Product Manager she works closely with the PCS development and sales managers to ensure clients’ needs are met.  “I work with the customer to ensure the software doesn’t just fit their way of working, but enhances it,” she said. “Also, I keep up to date on current trends to ensure our technology is leading the way and a no-brainer solution for publishers and other new markets. 

“Everyone at PCS is easy-going and friendly and we work together as though we are a small company. However, we come under the parent company of the Claverley Group, which means we are part of something bigger as well. The last 20 years have flown by and I’m looking forward to many more years of working with the passionate and highly devoted individuals I speak to every day in advertising and sales teams across the country.” 

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