Staff Member, Andy Sutherland

Promotion for Andy as he marks 21 years at PCS

It is a double celebration for Andy Sutherland who has been promoted to Development Manager at PCS Publishing as he marks his 21st year with the company.

Andy joined PCS in 1998 and has worked his way up the ladder from Junior Software Developer to his new role in a managerial position. Andy said the 21 years at PCS have flown by, as the buzz of working with cutting-edge technology has ensured each day is different from the last.

“I love the variety I get from my job,” said Andy. “No two days are the same because you have the immediate changes that need to be made for clients as well as longer-term developments, adding additional features to create software that meets the clients’ future needs. I learned everything I know while working at PCS and the change in technology over the years has been incredible.​

“I’ve been actively involved in the cutting-edge development of our software and I feel privileged to work with such leading-edge technology. It is a massive learning curve, as there is no manual – we are creating exciting new software that hasn’t been seen before. It’s why working at PCS is such an exciting job that has kept me gripped for the last 21 years.”​

PCS prides itself on being one of the country’s leading publishing software development organisations. For the last 46 years, the company has developed a portfolio of solutions for publishers that allow them to streamline their work across editorial, advertising and circulation. Andy said since he joined the company, he has mainly been working on the advertising software. “I joined PCS after 18 months of a computer science and electronics degree when I decided I preferred the software side of the course rather than the electronics,” he said. “I started at PCS as a Junior Software Developer, and at the time I was working on advertising systems and fixing any issues that came up. Until now I’ve stayed on the advertising side of the business, but my new role will change that.​

“As Development Manager, I will work across the full range of products – not just advertising but also editorial, production and circulation. Also, I will be managing a team of people, who are all committed to ensuring each client has software built to meet their needs. Reaching 21 years with PCS is a fantastic milestone for me.”

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