Photo of Staff Member Calvin Randle

Internal News: PCS thanks Calvin Randle for a quarter of a century of service

Born in the same year as PCS, Calvin Randle joined the PC Sales Division of PCS in 1993.  In his 25 years with us, he has worked in despatch, as Systems Technician within the site control department and later as Production Product Manager.

His involvement with the development of advertising solution Pulse led to him becoming a Product Specialist.  Last year he was promoted to Client Services Manager, a position he still holds as well as that of being one of the longest serving members of PCS.  In fact, Calvin was recently given a Long Service Award from Claverley Group who own PCS. 

We are keeping Calvin very busy at the moment due to increased implementations across our entire product portfolio.  However, Calvin remains resolutely cheerful and thrives on the fact that no two days tend to be the same.  Luckily, he works with a great team of product specialists all of whom we keep firmly on their toes.

So, Calvin, thanks for giving us 25 years – it’s been epic.

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