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ABS Bids Farewell: 25 Years of Service Comes to an End

PCS’ Advertising Business System (ABS) has officially retired today after an impressive 25-year journey. ABS, a trusted and constant presence in the publishing industry, has been a steadfast companion to newspapers, both national and regional, throughout its illustrious career.

Today, we celebrate the legacy of ABS as it takes its final bow. Its retirement marks the conclusion of an era defined by efficiency, reliability, and innovation in newspaper advertising.

ABS has been the unsung hero behind the scenes, simplifying the intricate task of ad bookings for newspapers, enabling them to streamline their advertising efforts.

As we bid farewell to ABS, we acknowledge its role as an innovative advertising platform and the countless memories it leaves behind. Its departure opened the door to new innovations in 2018 with Knowledge Prospect becoming its successor, shaping the future of newspaper advertising.

In honour of ABS’ unwavering dedication, we say goodbye and extend our heartfelt gratitude for 25 years of exceptional service to the publishing world. A piece of PCS history that will always be remembered.

A number of existing ABS customers, alongside new adopters, have already embraced Knowledge Prospect. Touting its efficiency enhancements over its predecessor and its seamless integrations that bridge the gap between print and digital advertising mediums.

“We are immensely proud of the legacy ABS has built over the past 25 years. But with Knowledge Prospect, we’re not just looking at the next 25 years; we’re setting our sights on shaping the future of advertising in the publishing industry for generations to come.”

Knowledge Prospect promises to deliver a transformative advertising and customer management experience, combining the rich history of PCS with the future-forward vision of the advertising industry.

Save time and money with Knowledge prospect

Ready to take the leap? Dive into the possibilities by visiting our product page. Or better yet, have a chat with one of our in-house experts by email on hello@pcs-publishing.com or by telephone on: 01902 374757.

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