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MNA use PropertyNet software for their latest campaign

The MNA has sold over 1,600 extra papers in the first few days of its latest campaign using PCS’ PropertyNet software.

Sales of the publisher’s newspapers, the Express & Star and the Shropshire Star increased thanks to their Little Stars campaign – which features cute photos of children that have been sent in by readers. Voting takes place and the winners share a £1,000 prize fund.

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Designers have used the PropertyNet software for a number of reasons, including its easy-to-use templates. Paul Howe, who works in the Ad Creation department at the MNA, said: “We started using PropertyNet for our various photo-based campaigns around four years ago. The first one was Baby of the Year and we decided to use PropertyNet because it is quick and easy to use.

“That first campaign four years ago saw an increase in circulation and so we did a wedding-themed one, as well as one where readers send in photos of their pets, which is still going strong today and is called Pawtrait Pets. We also do a Santa’s Little Helpers one at Christmas, which is similar to our Little Stars campaign. They all drive circulation up and have proven to be successful.”

In the first three days of the campaign the MNA has reported more than 600 copies of the Shropshire Star being sold compared with the previous week, while the Express & Star has seen an increase of over 1,000 in the first four days.

Paul said: “Until four years ago we had only used PropertyNet to feature estate agents’ properties, but this has now declined. Back in 1993 we produced 96 pages of property for our titles and I used to train the estate agents on how to use PropertyNet. Now we only get a few pages of property for our news titles, and the Shropshire Magazine has around 10 pages of property each month. However, our team is inventive and has found a different use for PropertyNet which helps to increase our circulation and attract new readers.

“Thanks to PropertyNet’s templates we have a supplement that is ready to go and looks so great that we have no trouble selling advertising for it.”

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