Let the hubbing do the subbing

An efficient publishing operation is certainly the name of the game in the current climate. Regional publishers are faced with the task of becoming more streamlined to counterbalance falling ad revenues, whilst building new strategies to embrace the digital revolution.

Introducing the new kid on the block – hubbing . . . think outsourcing with much less risk and cost.

By working with PCS, key publishing processes such as subbing and ad production can be handled by central hubs on our technology; hubs that are created by publishers collaborating to share resource and process to operate more efficiently.

Suddenly your team has the opportunity to spend their time creating content and capitalising on the revenue possibilities from that content both in print and online.

We have the technology to make this happen right now and are doing so for a number of publishers.

Talk to us to see how we can help you and your business. Want to learn more about the benefits of hubbing from a publisher who has already transformed their business with this model? Then look no further speak to our team today.

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