A comprehensive circulation, distribution and subscription solution.


NCS - Circulation Solution

If you want to build and strengthen the relationships you have with your customers then we have the solution – NCS. This comprehensive tool covers everything your teams need to ensure circulation, distribution and subscription management runs like clockwork.

NCS is designed to save you time and money. It handles the full scope of print and digital publishing options: paid for, retail, wholesale, frees, leaflets and home delivery.  It’s capabilities don’t stop there as it can handle subscription management, canvassing and directories.

  • A centralised solution your whole team can access
  • Integrated modules sharing a common database
  • Boosts efficiency and saves time and money
  • See an increase in sales across your team

NCS works hard for you by driving efficiency, while ensuring accuracy and quality data management.

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A solution to your publishing problem could be just a few clicks away

A single solution

Saving you time and money

Streamlined solution

Everyone works from the same efficient tool that focuses on home news delivery, circulation and subscriptions.

Increase sales

A better relationship with customers enables canvassing teams to generate and increase sales.

Full integration

NCS can be integrated to Knowledge Prospect’s sales ledger offering you a joined-up approach when working with customers.


Designed for distribution

Information for all wholesaler and retail outlets is available at the touch of a button.

Predictive supply function: Changes are made via an ongoing intelligent learning process, based on previous supplies.

Free Distribution and Leaflet Sales module: A comprehensive distribution mechanism for doorstep delivery of free publications and leaflet drops.

The Direct Delivery system: Stores delivery information down to household level, with one or more reader orders for multiple-occupancy households.

Flexible Payment terms: Allow for pre-paid orders, invoicing at both account and area agent level as well as to a separate billing address.

Canvassing/Sampling module: Create footprints to Canvass or even provide households with a free copy using the Sampling functionality. 

Solutions for every team

Saving you time and money across each of your departments


Our solutions work seamlessly together to give you the tools needed to increase efficiency. They include Knowledge Publish, Knowledge Access, Knowledge Plan and Digital.


Cut out the copy and paste along with time-consuming inputting and let your team to focus on what matters. Our solutions include Finance, Advert Booking, CRM and Production (Pulse).


Strengthen customer relations while driving efficiency, accuracy and quality data management. One tool does the job for circulation and it is NCS.


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A solution to your publishing problem could be just a few clicks away