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5 ways for publishers to be successful in 2023

We’d all like to possess a crystal ball. An instant way of looking into the future so we can not only be prepared, but also get excited about what’s just around the corner.

We know the last few years have been tough for newspaper publishers and now the cost of living crisis is having an extra squeeze on the industry. Publishers are being forced to put up the cost of newspapers and delivery in a bid to scrape back some of the losses.

So, how do they maintain loyalty with their readers while also meeting targets on sales and advertising? It’s important to take a step back and consider what the next few years might have in store, as well as some of the incredible opportunities for newspaper publishers in 2023 and beyond.

It’s easy to think that the future of print media looks bleak, with more and more people turning to digital news sources. However, this move to digital has some exciting possibilities that can help enhance the products that publishers produce

Some newspapers are struggling to keep up with the pace of change, and are having to close their doors. As technology and digital media platforms rapidly evolve, publishers that just focus on traditional print newspapers are being left behind. In the last few years we’ve seen that despite the tireless efforts from teams of dedicated journalists, many smaller publications have had no choice but to close down due to a lack of resources or revenue. It’s a stark reminder that nothing can stand still for long if businesses want to keep up with today’s fast-paced environment.

Thankfully PCS’ software solutions can make the transition from print to digital as seamless as possible, and help support each department from editorial and finance to circulation and advertising. Though it may seem like an uncertain time for traditional print media, our software solutions offer exciting new opportunities for the industry.

Future for publishers

So, how are publishers moving their business forward in 2023?

1, Innovation is key:

Publishers that have kept up to date with their software have opened up their content in ways that were previously impossible. They have gone beyond traditional print formats to connect with more people than ever before. These forward-thinking publishers are developing innovative ways of reach readers, bringing them engaging content faster and at lower costs than ever before.

2, Create partnerships:

Newspapers are looking for new ways to spark reader engagement and find innovative ways of doing business. Some are partnering with local businesses to offer their readers great promotions, but also to create loyalty programs. Subscribers at various businesses have an incentive for reading the paper and also it sparks a unique marketing and advertising opportunity. Giving back to businesses can turn customers into loyal followers and create more engaged communities.

3, Boost subscriptions: 

Publishers everywhere are making leaps forward when it comes to increasing subscriptions. A recent Digital Subscription Snapshot from FIPP shows that growth continues to be healthy, with period-on-period gains at 5% for many publishers. Retention is important when it comes to subscriptions to help avoid churn. Once they have managed to gain a subscriber, publishers need to pull out all the stops to keep them by offering incentives to help keep them interested.

4, Focus on social media: 

Social media platforms can be used to connect with readers and promote content. There is no shortage of ways creators can reach out to their audiences. Using a number of social media platforms allows publishers to engage with a wide range of people. Instagram and TikTok can help engage followers in shorter-form content and are popular with younger reader. LinkedIn is great for business owners, while Facebook is popular with families and more mature customers and provides a platform for articles or extended pieces of writing. It’s increasingly important to stay active on these platforms in order to maximise reach and audience engagement.

5, Puzzles and products: 

Habit-forming games like Wordle and Sudoku have shown us that readers will keep coming back for more if they have a daily puzzle to solve. Even without charging customers, these games can help deepen relationships with readers and increase loyalty. Also, newsletters and podcasts are products that can add to a publisher’s offering. By putting the readers’ interests at the heart of everything they do, publishers can do themselves a lot of favours in 2023.

The world has changed dramatically since the days when newspaper publishers were seen as the only purveyors of information and entertainment. The digital age has brought new, nimble competitors to the fore and made it harder for newspapers to cut through the noise and reach their audiences.

But it’s not all doom and gloom – far from it, in fact. With ingenuity and a focus on moving forward, newspapers can buck the trend, build genuine relationships with readers, and find a way to continue delivering reliable and trustworthy information in a sustainable way.

At PCS our software solutions are designed to help save publishers time and money. You won’t be left behind if you partner with PCS as we are always looking to the future, and making sure that whatever happens our publishers are always ahead of the curve.

For more information on our range of software solutions get in contact with us today. You can contact us here Contact Us | PCS Publishing (

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