Knowledge Creates ROI
Scalability means that the operation of one internationally owned publisher can continue to grow. And, Knowledge makes Economical Sense for one of the UK’s top regional newspaper groups – being able to replace legacy systems means it can invest further in the quality of its titles.

How can you benefit from these features

Economical Sense

Replacing your legacy publishing systems and their associated expense is a freedom given to you by Knowledge, allowing you to invest in other areas of your publishing process, ensuring growth at your titles is always a possibility.


Knowledge expands with you. As your operation grows, Knowledge grows with you, improving performance every step of the way

Integrated Archive

Content and complete page PDF’s stored and indexed for easy retrieval from a hugely scalable database.

Integrated Picture Desk

At your fingertips, search, crop and manage images in a web browser, just as you would edit any other content.

Integrated Planning

Dynamic integration of ROP and classified planning means you are always on top of how your page is taking shape.

Content Centric

Thanks to a robust and resilient object oriented database, Knowledge can focus on storing content instead of pages. Content is generated, managed, refined and delivered efficiently across multiple channels without the need for repurposing.

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