Knowledge Creates Productivity
An award winning client has benefited from the Intelligence generated by sourcing content with its instant access archive, whereas one of the UK’s leading regional publishers can now Publish Anywhere – they push content to both print and digital.

How can you benefit from these features

Publish Anywhere

Enhance your reach by delivering content to multiple channels, simultaneously, all in real-time to ensure the stories are published efficiently, whatever the medium.


Gain direct, immediate access to archive stories whenever you need them, enhancing your content creation without impacting on the delivery of pages.

Multichannel Publishing

Simultaneous output to print and multiple digital channels including web, smartphone, tablet and social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.

Multiple Input Channels

Content can be brought in from news wires, email, RSS and more to enhance the sources available to you.

Text Mining and Summarisation

Automatic tagging of metadata, whether for identifying existing content as needed or for producing story summaries.

Freeform Working

Knowledge offers industry standard desk-top publishing integration allowing you to create your pages as required, while maintaining full system functionality.

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