Collaboration is the major trend that we are going to see – and we
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A little Knowledge goes a
long way for PCS

February 2017 Production Journal Feature.

Phil Walker recently spoke with Gary Cullum at Production Journal about the industry's continued evolution. Read the full article below:
Wolverhampton-based software company PCS has been at the forefront of meeting changing industry needs for 43 years. MD Phil Walker tells Gary Cullum that continued evolution and increasing collaboration is key to the industry’s future

Phil Walker is a visionary. As managing director of PCS he went to the board of parent company Claverley to ask for £2 million to develop an editorial system. He had
reviewed what was available across the world in search of a solution – a solution that would become a state of the art future-proofed content management system (CMS) for
Claverley’s publishing division the Midland News Association and for other PCS customers...

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