A  comprehensive circulation, distribution and subscription management solution.

Key Features

Paid for Distribution

Free Distribution

Direct Distribution

The Paid For module holds supply information for all wholesaler and retail outlets and this can be quickly modified by applying Box Outs and Extras. A Predictive Supply function enables continuous modification of supplies via an ongoing intelligent learning process based on previous supplies, ensuring a high level of availability whilst minimising waste.
  The Free Distribution and Leaflet Sales module provides the publisher with a comprehensive distribution mechanism for doorstep delivery of free publications and leaflet drops. From one off local community distributions to large advertising national campaigns, these can be solos or publication inserts.
The Direct Delivery system provides delivery information down to household level. Where a property has multiple-occupancy there can be one or more Reader Accounts, which in turn may have one or more Reader Orders. Flexible payment terms accommodate pre-paid orders, as well as invoiced orders at both account and area agent level. Where necessary invoicing can be to a separate billing address.

How does it work?

NCS handles the full scope of print and digital publishing options: Paid For, Retail and Wholesale; Frees and Leaflets; and Home delivery, plus the wider opportunities of Subscription Management, Canvassing and Directories
NCS is a comprehensive circulation, distribution and subscription management tool, designed to save publishers time and money by building and strengthening their relationships with their customers

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