Knowledge Creates Growth
An award winning internationally owned newspaper group is now evolving with the industry at a significant pace due to Knowledge being Digitally Focused, Accomplished in Print. And, in being Built for the Future, Knowledge has enabled a national publisher to expand digitally.

How can you benefit from these features

Digitally Focused,
Accomplished in Print

Lead in digital. Make your organisation content driven as opposed to page driven, enabling you to adopt a comprehensive digital first approach, while maintaining a strong, yet efficient, print presence.

Built for the Future

Our resilient, versatile solution is ready to take on the evolving publishing industry, right now. Let Knowledge take you seamlessly from a print present to a digital future.

Content Centric

Thanks to a robust and resilient object oriented database, Knowledge can focus on storing content instead of pages. Content is generated, managed, refined and delivered efficiently across multiple channels without the need for repurposing.

Templated Approach

Gain the ability to create your publications from a series of your own house style templates, significantly reducing the time spent producing pages.

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