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Templating Approach


Collaboration and Hubbing

Implementing a templated workflow helps to streamline the newsroom, create efficiencies, improve quality consistency and release time for creativity to be focused on the pages that matter.
Benefit from increased economies of scale or create additional revenue opportunities.

Remote Working


Workflow of the Future

Be prepared for worst case scenario, no matter where you or your team are having to work, if there is an internet connection, you can meet deadlines and get the publication out on time!
With a focus on building a more efficient workflow, Knowledge Publish allows you to create and share tailored content for both digital and print mediums simultaneously, perfect for teams that need to collaborate in real-time.

Recent and upcoming events at PCS:

PPA Webinar:
“Unleashing creativity – Why templating is the key not the lock”

Whether you feel templating is a friend or foe, it can offer increased levels of creativity that will benefit everyone. If you ever feel you don’t have the time to be as creative on the page as you would like to, then this webinar is for you.
InPublishing Webinar:
"What magazines can learn from the newsroom"

A panel discussion lead by InPublishing Editor James Evelegh examined the advances newspaper newsrooms have been making and how the lessons learnt can be translated across to the magazine industry. 
How hubbing is transforming publishing:
PPA breakfast meeting, London, 17th May

 Dave Whaley, Managing Editor with 38 years of experience in publishing, will provide an insight into how a hubbing workflow can help sustain print, whilst enabling digital output and diversification into new revenue areas.