Articleisation - Monetise your articles across digital channels

PCS Sales director Iain Smith discusses monetising articles across digital
channels in aProduction Journal Feature...

The digital revolution is ever more influential in the way consumers interact with content.  The average person spends almost 3 hours a day online and 66% of smartphone users browse via this technology.
People are becoming more tech savvy everyday, expecting quality and accessibility of content that exceeds their needs. These technological developments pose an enormous opportunity for publishers to reach rapidly increasing audiences and ultimately significantly increase revenue.  At PCS we feel Articleisation is the key to making digital work as a business model within the publishing industry.  To do this though, publishers need to be seamlessly
delivering content to any emerging digital platform without having to implement any new processes...
Despite the issues faced by publishers around the future of print, it still provides a solid proportion of their revenues. Revenues being delivered from digital remain a little harder to quantify, but some of the phenomenal statistics being presented cannot be ignored.
In 2016 the figure of smartphone users is expected to reach a staggering 42.4 million – all regularly using such devices not only to communicate with others, but also to engage in content.  Digital revenues for publishers grew to £416.2 million in 2015.

As a central content hub, Knowledge takes a holistic approach to the
editorial process, thus creating a range of advantages for any
publishing organisation wishing to monetise articles by enabling
seamless content delivery to multiple channels.

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