Digital Asset and Content
Management Solution

Key Features

Searchable Archive

Multiple Search Options

Content Storage

Content and complete page PDF’s stored and indexed for easy retrieval from a hugely scalable database, integrated with Knowledge Publish. 
Within the archive you have three methods of searching;  Freeform search over all content stored in Access, Advanced search which searched for a specific piece of content (Text, image, pages) aswell as Publication Searches
Access stores content  such as; Text, images and pages that have been imported or created within Knowledge Publish

How does it work?

Content created, uploaded or stored within Knowledge Publish will be automatically transferred to Access after a defined period of time. Searching utilises the intelligent IKnow text analysis engine, which organises content into relational concepts.
IKnow ensures that search results are always retrieved as the search will not only match a words like for like, but will also consider concepts, relations and stems of those words within its search.
A basic example of this would be searching for the word space. A search for the word ‘space’ in quotes will only bring back exact matches.
However, a search on the same word without the quotes, will not only bring back exact matches, but will also consider plurals and stems of this word, i.e. the words spaces and spacing will also be considered within the results.

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